Top 3 ever green series Sony PlayStation games

Sony PlayStation is one of the biggest and best gaming device that we have till now. I am a big PS gaming lover and am using/playing it for years now. Everything has some cons and pros and same is the case with Sony PlaySTation. If we leave things like Cinavia Codes, heating problems behind then everything seems to be fine and on track in PS gaming console.

Here I will discuss top 3 ever green games that you can play on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. These are the games that I play the most in my gaming console. I hope you will enjoy all the games.

Top 3 PlayStation ¾ Games

  1. GTA (Grand Theft Auto) Series

Pick any game in GTA series, all are loaded with great graphics and gaming concepts. Best thing that I love about GTA is freedom and concept. You finally get a world where you are free to do anything. No laws, no boundaries are there to stop you (there are, but you always has the ways to escape them). With every new release you get hands on to new gaming arena which further makes the things better and pleasant. Although chances of not playing GTA on PS is very lessbut in case if you haven’t then I will highly recommend you to start playing GTA right now. You will eventually fall in love with the entire gameplay.


  1. Uncharted

Like GTA, Uncharted is also a game series where you play the role of hunter Nathan Drake. Designed by award winning developer Naughty Dog,it is a mission/adventure category game where you play as Nathan Drake to explore the world full of mysterious artifact propels to get your hands on hidden treasures. You will surely love it if you like to explore things in unique way in the gameplay. Graphics are nice and will give you good time anyday.


  1. Street Fighter

Here name says everything. Street Fighter is an Action category game where you love playing in the role of characters like Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Guile etc. it is a series game where new features are added in every release. I will advise you to go with Street Fighter v5 (latest one) where you will see new characters like Crimson Viper, Abel and many other. This time developer has come up with 3D camera effects that give you nice viewing angles. Go get it and start building your street gang.


These are top 3 ever green PlayStation games that you can play for hours in any of the PlayStation. Talking in a nutshell the gaming devices like Xbox, PlayStation are great way to kill boredom and pass time like anything. Please don’t worry about the problems like Cinavia, audio mute etc as Cinavia removal is easy and can be done easily. So without worrying much about such issues/problems, start enjoying the gaming world now.

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