Monetization Battles: Advertising vs. Affiliate Marketing

If you are a serious blogger, you should put some time into deciding how to make money from it. Making money from your blog is important. This is not because it will make you rich. This is because it will let your blog grow.tosimplydo

Let me explain.

Serious blogging is not free. At the very least, you will have to spend $50-$150 on hosting and domain. As your blog will grow, these expenses will increase in form of email marketing costs, outreach costs, design costs, maintenance cost, content writing costs etc. If you don’t have revenue model in place, your blog won’t be able to survive. You yourself will lose interest in blogging because instead of acting as an asset, your blog will become a liability. So, whenever you start a blog maybe you want to start a food blog you should have some special writing about it.

So, how do you monetize your blog? Well, two of the most common monetization methods are advertising and affiliate marketing and in this blog we put them against each other to understand which monetization method is best suited for your blog.

First of all, you should understand that both advertising and affiliate marketing are excellent monetization methods and it would be foolish to say that either of them is the best. Each method produces different results depending on blog traffic, niche and other factors. But you will get a general idea about which method works best in which conditions in this post.

Which type of blogs should go with advertising?

If you have a media blog, a technology blog, or a sports blog, you should go with advertising. These blogs drive a lot of short-lived traffic. Short-lived means that a post that you publish today will get traffic for next 5-7 days and then die off. A lot of content is required to keep constant inflow of traffic. For such dynamic and ever changing website, advertising is better option.

This is because of following reasons:-

  • Advertising sales are on a monthly basis generally, so if overall traffic is maintained, internal variations won’t matter to the advertiser
  • Ad buyers look for dynamic content websites

Which type of blogs should go with affiliate marketing?

If you have a consultancy blog, experiences blog, or a niche blog, you should go with affiliate marketing. The whole point of having these blogs is to create a dedicated community of people that are interested about a focused topic. If you have a single topic blog, then you should go with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing will let you earn money by promoting high quality products that will be useful for your blog’s community. For example, let’s say you are in the weight loss niche, then promoting an eBook on Paleo diet is an excellent option. Your readers will get to know about the benefits of Paleo diet and you will earn some cash from that.

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