Let’s play with Google Chrome

Internet is gone? Nothing to do? Don’t worry Google chrome is now with you. Whenever internet connection gone Google chrome always offer you to play with it but you don’t reply with the proposal you just close the chrome window and get bored.

Did not get it? Don’t worry I will describe the whole thing from the chrome’s side.
Whenever the Internet connection failed, Google chrome shows you the below window.

As you can see here are some failed notes and do you notice here is also a little dragon or little bird whatever in your think. Do you know what you can do with this?
Just press Space bar or up arrow button  computer_key_Arrow_Up  whenever you are in this window then bingooooo dragon comes alive and its running through its path and it is also facing some obstacles in his way you just have to guide the dragon with the arrow keys with jump and knee down. You will also get score at the right corner.

I have scored 6090. Because of my internet connection goes offline in every 5 minutes.
Let me know your score also in comment box.

See the video to know how it’s look like.

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