How to change your website’s IP address for free


Friends today I am going to show you an important thing which is necessary for bloggers so much. Sometimes we do expend a huge amount for doing this thing.

Free IP Change:

Yes today’s topic is how to change your websites IP address in free of cost. Do not think it is not reliable because of free ? it is as secure as paid version. So follow the below steps to get your new IP without any cost.

Steps to follow:

  1. Create a cloudflare account :

We will do this via a website called cloudflare. You can go directly via from your address bar or search on Google for this. After opening this website find the “sign-up” option and fill the “sign-up” form with required data. Always double check you’re provided email id and remember or write down your password for safety.


Warning: Check your email id before proceed. Cloudflare will send you real-time notifications and status to this email id.

  1. Log-in and follow steps :

After a successfully account creation, login with your email id and password. Then choose “Add site” option from top of the page and enter your website address without www, http:// or back /.

Example: for you have to enter only

  1. Scanning and settings :

After enter your website name click on “Scan DNS records” or “Begin Scan” button whatever will be on right side. After these steps sit back for a minute cloudflare will scan your domain for IP records. Click on “continue”, after successful scan it will take you to “DNS records” window.
Remember this step is the most important step in this entire process so do this carefully.

Actually keep in mind that you do not have to touch or change any settings here just leave them as they are and click on the “continue” button right bottom area.


  1. Choosing and changing:

Here you have to choose your package. Wow do not worry about that there is also a option called “Free website”, Click on that option if you are looking for free or you can also choose any paid version for better options and security.


After that cloudflare will give you two different nameservers like:


Now change your domain’s nameservers with these two new nameservers and again back in cloudflare and click on “Continue”.

  1. Final step:

If your domain’s nameserver is updated then it will bring you again in the “DNS records” tab, then logout from your cloudflare account it is done, your IP changed.
But if you are not redirected to the “DNS Records” tab then you will see a new option called “Recheck Name servers” click on this it will be done.

Note: Some domain registrar takes long time to change nameserver in that cases do not worry. Log out your cloudflare account and relax, whenever your nameserver will change cloudflare will point Your Domain at new IP in that moment.

If your concept is not so clear with this article,then look at my below video for easy tutorial.

Thank You.


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  1. Helpfull for my blogging career. Thank you for sharing your thought it helps me, hope to see many more fro you.

  2. This is the perfect way to make changes in your website IP address for free. Thank you for sharing. Helps me much.

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